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Old School Alchemy Gothic figurines, candle holders & T-light holdersALCHEMY GOTHIC
Our dark Alchemy gothic range is aimed at the more serious connoisseur of gothic art work. Both coffin candle holder are larger, heavier & much more detailed centre pieces than you average candlestick. 

Coffin Font Goblet by Alchemy
'Coffin Font' Goblet by Alchemy. A font surrounded by coffins and skulls which also doubles as a drinking goblet. Height 9cm. Resin. Pictures courtasy of Fiesta Studios
Price: £17.00
Skull Cross Incense Burner by Alchemy
Skull Cross' Incense Burner by Alchemy. A heavy wooden cross with silver detail and a pile of skulls at its base. Incense can be inserted into the heads of the 2 small skulls at the base. Height 38cm. Resin and wood. Pictures courtasy of Fiesta Studios
Price: £45.00 £35.00
'Coffin Altar Cross'
Candle Holder by Alchemy. This haunting candle holder shows two mystical figures bowing at the feet of a skeleton, lying in its coffin at the altar. Height 38cm. Resin.Pictures courtasy of Fiesta Studios
Price: £45.00 £35.00
'Coffin T light and Candle Holder by Alchemy
A skeleton sits poised in an open coffin, ready to scare anyone that passes. This item doubles as a T light holder and candle holder. Height 31cm. Resin. Pictures courtasy of Fiesta Studios
Price: £30.00
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