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Scare your visitors with an Alchemy skeleton in coffin centerpieces or the Alchemy Altar Cross candlestick  placed in your entrance hall on Halloween. Or just bring an unusual warm glow to your house at Christmas with these more subtle, Tina Tarent Three Witches or Celtic Knot. These scary skeletal candle holders would make an unusual birthday present. Or bring a celtic feel to your home with our erotic candle at Christmas time or as a birthday present.


Celtic Erotic Candle Holders Pair H14cm
Pair of church window shaped candlesticks, with intricate celtic knott design entwining erotic ladies in sexy pose. Ivory colour polyresin. 14cm Pictures courtesy or Fiesta Studios
Price: £10.00
Three Witches Candle Stick by Tina Tarrant
This Tina Tarrent design, brass coloured candlestick is encircled by 3 generations of erotic witches. The old hag grandmother stands next to her deviously scheming daughter, standing next to the young novice witch. Base of candlestick features sun, moon & stars engravings. H10cm. Pictures courtesy or Fiesta Studios
Price: £16.00
Celtic Cross Dragon Candle Holder
This Celtic grey tealight holder has intricate Celtic Knott design around a solid base holding the traditional Gaelic cross, with a fearsomely detailed dragon entwined around the cross protecting the tealight embedded in the base. Polyresin H23 W14.5 D12cm. Pictures courtesy or Fiesta Studios
Price: £20.00
'Coffin' T light and Candle Holder by Alchemy
A skeleton sits poised in an open coffin, ready to scare anyone that passes. This item doubles as a T light holder and candle holder. Height 31cm. Resin. Pictures courtesy or Fiesta Studios
Price: £30.00
'Coffin Altar Cross' Candle Holder by Alchemy
This haunting candle holder shows two mystical figures bowing at the feet of a skeleton, lying in its coffin at the altar. Height 38cm. Resin. Pictures courtesy or Fiesta Studios
Price: £45.00 £30.00
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