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An introduction to Gothglobes part 2
An introduction to Gothglobes


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An introduction to Gothglobes part 2

I've always liked the weird & wonderful... From the age of 13 or 14 I developed an obsession with horror & fantasy books & films. Right in to adulthood Christmas & birthdays used to be a slight exercise in self indulgence between my best friend & I as we bought each other more & more weird gifts which we both liked... (well most of the time anyway).
As a child, whenever I seen a snow globe it always fascinated me, the way the 'snow' would swirl around the little scene under the dome. But as I got older the small plastic Christmas ones that were common in the 70s & 80s just seemed naff.  I much prefer the large intricate water balls with unusual figures inside or moving parts.
So, when I decided to go ahead with the website I decided to combine both fascinations. When I was doing my research for the site I bought some globes to see the size & quality of them. This is when I came across Twinkle. I had traced the Canadian based distributor's British outlet to Fiesta Studios just before Christmas, but when I applied for an account, I heard nothing back from them at all. So I carried on trying to find the original manufacturer & other suppliers of fantasy collectibles, with a lot of hassle & not much success.
About 5 or 6 months later, as I said, I bought a couple of Twinkle globes from another retailer & that took me back to Fiesta.... When I seen the globes I just had to have them for my site & decided to hassle them again, & that's when I realised my server had been sending half my genuine emails to my spam folder & deleting them. In fact, Maxine from Fiesta had to fish my email out of her spam folder too. So again, it was actually one of my stumbling mishaps that got me up & running, because once we'd established proper contact the company got me stocked & up & running in less than a week. So a big thanks to Maxine & Fiesta, they made everything so much easier for me :)
Maxine won't mind me telling you that my assistant & I were sitting here in the couple of days placing the order & it actually arriving worrying that, knowing my kind of luck, I'd been stung & that when the stuff arrived it would be the same quality as the goods sold in the pound shops. Imagine our delight when the stuff arrived & every single item was of absolute fantastic quality & size. I knew the Twinkle globes were high quality & absolutely beautifully made. However, Fiesta were selling out of a lot of the globes I wanted & I wanted to cater for a wider audience than fellow globe lovers, so I'd ordered loads of other stuff, & had no idea what quality of goods would turn up. I needn't have worried. The Monday the goods arrived was like Christmas, opening box after box of great stuff.
Getting the account with Fiesta really opened doors for me. Because with having the Fiesta account with Nemesis Now, Puckator Toys &, most recently, YTC Summit in the States who manufacture most of the globes I imported from Mediaeval Collectibles. So I'm very grateful to Maxine at Fiesta & will direct most of my loyalty to Fiesta, because they have  the widest range of high quality gothic & fantasy giftware, with quality which,at least, matches Nemesis.

An introduction to Gothglobes

Hi, I'm Fran,
I wasn't gonna write a blog, but I'm told it'll boost my ranking on google, so here goes
I'm a middle aged woman who went back to uni in her 30s. Since leaving uni my health has meant that I can't work outside the home. Also for the past few years, since I left uni I've been churning around the idea of starting my own business, but I kept telling myself I couldn't afford it.
Just before Christmas I paid off some bill & decided to bite the bullet. I thought, with all the benefit cuts & people more disabled than me being told to get out & work, it was now or never. As my first idea was quite complicated & needed a lot of backing I thought setting up an online store would be the easy option..... Little did I know the roller coaster I'd just jumped on for the past 6 months. You would think that, in today's economy if any size of retailer approaches a manufacturer offering cash, they would gab it with both hands.... But nope! They expected me to fit 3000 to 5000 snow globes into my box room...,. Wonderful :) Then there was the endless searches for suppliers who, it appeared, didn't even bother getting back to you & a battle to build a website with a website builder you can't actually use. Oh & then there was the weeks of negotiations with the chinese manufacturer that was looking more & more dodgy by the day :)  But then my family & friends would tell you that's just typical me. I attract MURPHY LAW, anything that can happen, will happen  But just as I've stumbled about for the last few months, in the last few weeks I've also stumbled across some great suppliers, great products & great deals & that is what I wanted to tell you about next, that &  how I came up with the idea to combine traditional fantasy & gothic items with water globes.
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